Quality and Certificates

         The company has been strongly committed to the quality development of the products as valued by the customers. Biolab Co., Ltd. in its effort to ensure the highest quality standard, has separate the Quality Assurance (QA) department from the Quality Control (QC) department, as the independent units in its organization structure. The separation enables each unit to pursue its own procedure on the quality control and the test of products in all the processing lines. This effort is to ensure the highest standards in all the products before they reach the hands of the customers. As the safety is the company’s priority, Biolab Co., Ltd. has achieved the demanding ISO 9001 certification on all  systems and the highest GMP standards, the first of its kind in the ASEAN region.


    At the meaning of 8th ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standardsand Quality in 2004, Pharmaceutical Product Working Group (ACCSQ-PPWG), was officially selected as the role model in the private sector to be the factory for the participants in the meeting. In order to observe its high production control standard.